Copyright Stuff

1.  What Does That Mean?


If you copy/paste text from this site, you must

  • mention me and link back to the URL where you found the text.
  • link to the license above
  • not sell whatever you are pasting my text into.
  • not modify my content that you are sharing

If you copy/paste text that includes a quotation of someone other than me, then you should cite those people formally — e.g., use an in-text citation followed by a works cited list.


The vast majority of the photos I use on this website are either in the public domain, licensed under creative commons, or licensed in some other way. Few of the photos on this site are mine. My photos are on Instagram. If you want to use my Instagram photos, just contact me. I’m usually happy to share the originals at no cost.

Because most of the images on this site are not mine, I do not recommend that you use any of the images on this website. Rather, you should go to their source and adhere to their license.

Tip: check out for high quality public domain images.

2.  Students Beware

You’re welcome to quote material from this site if you cite it accordingly. But I doubt that your teachers will be thrilled that you’re citing some guy’s website.


But beware: your papers can be checked for plagiarism in seconds—e.g., I can check over 100 papers for plagiarism in about a minute. So if you copy material from this (or any other) website without citing it, it will be very easy for a teacher to prove that you’ve plagiarized. Plagiarism is a form of academic dishonesty that many universities take very seriously.

Penalties for Academic Dishonesty

It is not uncommon to receive a failing grade (in the entire course) or to be expelled for academic dishonesty (on a single assignment). Long story short, you’ll be much better off writing a bad paper than plagiarizing (or having someone else write) a great paper.


If you find copyright issues on this site, please let me know immediately so I can remedy the situation as soon as possible.