A picture of coins from various places around the world.


Why do I blog, Tweet, post on Facebook and Reddit, etc.? Because I want the research I do and consume to be more easily and freely available. Alas, this activity can take some time and—in the case of this website—money. So, one way to support my attempts to make research more easily and freely available is to donate a tiny amount toward the cost of maintaining this website. E.g., if everyone who saw this page donated $1, I’d be pretty close to covering all of the costs of the website. Below are two ways to do that.

No pressure, obviously. I just wanted you to let you know why I do this and how you can support it. There is nothing wrong with not having disposable money.


Besides, money is not the only way to help. You can also share this website with people who are interested in its content and/or in supporting its content.

Whatever you do, I wish you well! 🙂