Upon Reflection with Nick Byrd

Welcome to Upon Reflection, a podcast about what we think as well as how and why we think it. I’m Nick Byrd. I study the philosophy of cognitive science and the cognitive science of philosophy. In this podcast I share my own and others’ research about the mind. For instance, I’ll talk about the differences between intuition and reflection as well as how intuitive reasoning predicts different philosophical, moral, and religious beliefs than reflective reasoning. I’ll also discuss topics like implicit bias—e.g., contrary to what you may have heard, implicit bias may not be entirely unconscious and involuntary. If this sounds like the kind of research that you want to hear more about, you can subscribe wherever you find podcasts. You can also find out more about me and my research at on Twitter (@byrd_nick), Facebook (@byrdnick), and Instagram (@byrd.nick). And, of course, if you end up enjoying the Upon Reflection podcast, then feel free to tell people about it, online, in person, or in your review.

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