Voting Third-Party: A Wasted Vote?

Is a third-party vote a wasted vote? People frequently claim — implicitly or explicitly — that it is. I will argue that it isn’t (here and on this podcast). Actually, voting third-party might be a solution to a long-standing problem.

1. The Two Party Problem

To begin, consider the two-party system. Ask yourself, “Is this the best system for nominating the greatest quantity of competent and viable candidates?” Obviously not. After all, the two-party system gives us only …well, two viable options! Think about it: the only system that can produce fewer viable candidates is a dictatorship. So any other (democratic) election system would be better than a two-party system.

Let’s call this unfortunate situation the two-party problem. 

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5 Responses To The “Liberals Aren’t Inclusive” Complaint

Liberals prize inclusivity. But liberals also criticize certain things — e.g., certain kinds of conservatism. So maybe liberals aren’t inclusive after all! Or so you’ll hear. Should liberals be inclusive of everything? Are they hypocritical if they’re not inclusive of everything?

1. Yeah, Liberals Sometimes Exclude Conservatives

Surely there is something right about the articles in question. I regularly witness liberals say disparaging things about conservatives. And some of this disparagement does not seem to be based on liberal principles (let alone on good arguments). Sometimes the disparagement seems to be nothing more than a “I just don’t like conservatives”. This kind of exclusion seems antithetical to liberal principles. After all, not liking some-one/-thing just isn’t a sufficient reason — liberal or otherwise — to exclude someone.

2. Exclusion Is Not Always Unjust

Importantly, not all forms of exclusion are unjust. Think about it. Liberals principles and evidence can lead one (validly) to the conclusion that something is bad. In that case, a liberal would be justified in excluding something. So if certain conservative ideas or practices turn out to be bad on this kind of analysis, then a liberal can exclude them.

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