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50+ Cognitive Science and/or Philosophy Blogs

Here is a list of cognitive science and/or philosophy blogs. Feel free to share it and/or suggest additions to the list.

1.  The List

1000-word Philosophy
“…an ever-growing set of original 1000-word essays on philosophical topics.”

A Philosopher’s Blog
Philosophical Essays on Many Subjects from Dr. Michael Labossiere (FAMU).

Aesthetics for Birds
“Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art for Everyone”

Against Professional Philosophy
“…about the the ups-and-downs of being a professional philosopher, … a serious critique of contemporary professional philosophy, and … philosophy of the future.”

Ancient Greek Philosopher

Auxiliary Hypotheses
The Blog of the British Journal of Philosophy of Science. “Stories from the world of academic philosophy of science”.

Being A Philosopher Of Color
What is it like to be a person of color in philosophy?…narratives of personal experiences, submitted by readers, of life in philosophy as a person of color.

Biopolitical Philosophy
“provides up-to-date information and cutting-edge critical analysis of biopolitical asymmetries and other mechanisms and effects of power in philosophy and beyond”

“Since 2005, a leading forum for work in the philosophy and science of mind.”

Clearer Thinking
From a team dedicated “to clos[ing] the gap between insights from research about human behavior and actions in the real world.” See my Cog. Sci podcast list for their podcast.

Conscious Entities
A philosophy of mind and consciousness blog. It’s good stuff. And it features great drawings.

Daily Nous
“News for and about the philosophy profession.”

Deric Bownds’ MindBlog
“New ideas and work on mind, brain, and behavior — as well as random curious stuff”

Early Modern Experimental Philosophy
“the most common and the most important distinction in early modern philosophy is [not empiricism vs. rationalism but] that between Experimental and Speculative Philosophy.” This is a blog about the experimental philosophy during (roughly) 1500-1789.

An Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy Blog

Ethical War Blog
“Expert discussion of the ethics of war, for all.”

Ethics Etc.
“…a forum for discussing contemporary philosophical issues in normative ethics, metaethics, moral epistemology, moral psychology, applied ethics, social and political philosophy, law, and other related areas.”

Evidence-based Wisdom
Translating the new science of wisdom research.

Experimental Philosophy Blog
See “The (New!) X-Phi Blog” for its successor. This blog closed in 2017.

Fallacy Files
“A collection [and explanation] of named fallacies. That is, types of bad reasoning — such as “ad hominem” — which commonly appear in everyday arguments.”

Faux Philosophy News
Intentionally and humorously fake news about philosophy. Fun for philosophy majors, nerds, and professional philosophers alike. (Discontinued, but many of the jokes are more or less timeless.)

Future Perfect
Finding the best ways to do good.—a.k.a., an effective altruism column—with a “new limited series, The Way Through, …looking to belief systems, philosophies, and wisdom traditions.”

Geography of Philosophy
About whether and how philosophical concepts associated with Europe and the US are religious and cross-culturally universal. (E.g., do other cultures conceive of the world differently?)

Heterodox Academy
“Our mission is to increase viewpoint diversity in the academy, with a special focus on the social sciences.”

Imperfect Cognitions
“…on delusions, memory distortions, confabulations, biases and irrational beliefs.”

Language Log
A group blog on language and linguistics started in the summer of 2003. Great for — among other things — answering questions like, “How did [phrase here] come to mean what it means today?”

Less Wrong
“a community dedicated to improving our reasoning and decision-making [and] a place to 1) develop and train rationality, and 2) apply one’s rationality to real-world problems.”

Neural Mechanisms Online
The first international cycle of online seminars on the Philosophy of Neuroscience.

New APPS Blog
“A group blog with [philosophers] from all over the map.”

Nick Byrd’s blog
A blog about the philosophy of cognitive science and the cognitive science of philosophy.

Non-WEIRD Science
“Understanding countries that are not western, educated, industrialized, rich and democratic”

PEA Soup
“A blog dedicated to philosophy, ethics, and academia.” (Formerly peasoup.typepad.com)

Philosophical Disquisitions
Frequent, specific, and high-quality posts in various domains of philosophy. (With a corresponding podcast on the list of philosophy podcasts

Philosophy by the Way
Philosophy of Mind and Action, Montaigne and La Boétie, Author of ‘Rondom Montaigne’, etc. Since 2007.

Philosophy Etc.
“Providing the questions for all of life’s answers.” (Richard Chappell’s blog)

Philosophy Experiments
Tests and surveys designed to examine whether your beliefs are consistent, which moral positions you implicitly endorse, etc.

Philosophy Now
Philosophy magazine…with comic strip and all! (Some of the content is not free.)

Philosophy of Religion
Big questions in philosophy and religion for scholars and students

Practical Ethics
“…daily ethical analysis of news events written by authors drawn from students and researchers [at the] University of Oxford, and from our visitors and guest authors.”

A popular philosophy of religion blog that was shut down (in 2018) and then resurrected (as of 2022).

“a wide range of expert perspectives. Psychology and philosophy are key, but Psyche also draws on history, anthropology and other disciplines.

Richard Zach’s Blog
A logician’s blog about teaching and researching logic—with free books!

When Matthew Rapaport is not engineering software or enjoying cigars and rum, he blogs about philosophy.

Stefan Shubert’s Blog
Dr. Schubert’s blog about “moral psychology and philosophy [focusing] on psychological questions …such as why our altruistic actions are often ineffective, and why we don’t invest more in safe-guarding our common future.”

The (New!) X-Phi Blog
The experimental philosophy blog was revived in 2018! Thank goodness!

The Hardest Science
“A psychology blog. Thoughts about the mind, science, society, and whatever else.”

The Informational Turn
Dr. Simon D’Alfonso’s blog about “Philosophy and/of Information, Logic and Epistemology”

The Junkyard
“A scholarly blog devoted to the study of imagination.”

The Mod Squad
“A Group Blog in Modern Philosophy”

The Non Sequitur
It’s like fact-checking the news, but it’s argument-checking. Philosophy types will love it.

The Philosophers’ Cocoon
A safe and supportive forum for early-career philosophers.

The Psychology of Conspiracy Theories
A blog by four academic psychologists examining the psychology of conspiracy theories.

The Sooty Empiric
Dr. Liam Kofi Bright’s hilarious and edifying blog about philosophy of science, formal philosophy, politics, and much more!

The Splintered Mind
Eric Schwitzgebel’s “Reflections in philosophy of psychology, broadly construed.”

The View From The Owl’s Roost
Noms Arpaly’s blog. Dr. Arpaly works on Philosophy of Action, Normative Ethics, and Value Theory. (Last post I saw was from August, 2018. Not sure if the blog is still being updated.)

A general philosophy blog written in Polish by Tomasz Herok.

What is it like to be a philosopher?
“in-depth autobiographical interviews with philosophers. Interviews you can’t find anywhere else. In the interviews, you get a sense of what makes living, breathing philosophers tick.”

What Is It Like to Be A Woman in Philosophy?
“…devoted to short observations sent in by readers, about life as a woman in philosophy.” See also “What We’re Doing About What It’s Like”

What It’s Like To Be A Philosopher
What comes to mind when you imagine a philosopher? Actually, forget what comes to mind. Just read these interviews. They’ll be a much better indication of what philosophers are actually like.

What’s Wrong?
“The not quite official blog of [the University Colorado, Boulder’s] center for Values and Social Policy”

2.  Suggestions?

Is there another philosophy blog that should be on this list? Feel free to mention it in the comments or contact me to tell me about it.

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