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New Jobs, New Projects, & What’s Next

I’m lucky to share updates about new jobs, new projects, and what’s happening next on the blog, the podcast, and the YouTube channel. I’ll explain below.

New Jobs

I spent the last year on various job markets. I submitted over 280 applications to academic jobs, public sector jobs, private sector jobs, and some non-government organizations. After lots of interviews and a few offers, I have accepted a couple positions.

First, I will join Carnegie Mellon University to participate in the Intelligence Community Research Fellowship Program. After that, I will join Stevens Institute of Technology as Assistant Professor.

New Projects

The most obvious new projects are those associated with the two new jobs. At Carnegie Mellon University, Simon Cullen and I will be studying—among other things—easy-to-use interventions to overcome cognitive biases such as confirmation bias. And at Stevens Institute of Technology, I will teach empirical philosophy of mind, ethics, and philosophy of science, broadly construed. I will also continue my research in philosophy of cognitive science and cognitive science of philosophy.

In addition to these projects, I will be completing ongoing collaborations with lovely people such as Justin Sytsma, Steve Stich, Jonathan Livengood, David Yaden, Miroslav Sirota, Gabriela Gongora, Brianna Joseph, Samantha Wakil, Jack Justus, Michal Białek, and John Schwenkler. As always, you can find out my research that is currently “in preparation” on my CV.

Finally, I am now Co-Managing Editor of the Brains blog with Dan Burnston. Brains has been a leading forum for work in the philosophy and science of mind since 2005! Dan and I will continue to cultivate our lovely online community and expand the offerings of its blog, YouTube channel, Twitter profile, and Facebook page.

What’s Next

While my life is changing, I can continue doing what I have been doing for years.

You can follow the blog or social media profiles to see what’s next. I am currently planning blog posts that analyze quantitative and qualitative data from my year on multiple job markets. I will also share the advice I received and lessons I learned about the job markets—e.g., application materials, interviewing, giving job talks, and more. And, of course, I’ve also a bunch of backlogged posts about other stuff which will be posted in due course.

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