Upon Reflection, Ep. 5: Reflective Reasoning For Real People (Dissertation Overview)

Welcome to Upon Reflection. In this episode, I review the major take-aways and findings from my dissertation titled, “Reflective Reasoning For Real People”. I explain what cognitive scientists mean by terms like “reflective reasoning”, how reflection is measured empirically, how reflection can either help or hinder our reasoning, how more reflective philosophers tend toward certain philosophical beliefs, and how reflection may help us retrain our implicit biases.

The recording is from my remote dissertation defense on May 29, 2020. You can find video of this dissertation overview (complete with the slideshow) below or on my YouTube Channel.

As the chapters of the dissertation are accepted for publication in academic journals, the free preprints will become available on my CV at byrdnick.com/cv under “Publications”.

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Nick Byrd

Nick is a cognitive scientist at Florida State University studying reasoning, wellbeing, and willpower. Check out his blog at byrdnick.com/blog