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Upon Reflection, Ep. 10: Great Minds Do Not Think Alike

This time I read my 2022 paper in Review of Philosophy and Psychology titled, “Great Minds Do Not Think Alike: Philosophers’ Views Predicted by Reflection, Education, Personality, and Other Demographic Differences“. As the title suggests, various psychological factors predicted variance in philosophers’ answers to classic philosophical questions. This raises questions about how psychological and demographic differences can explain philosophical differences. There are also implications for scientific psychologists as well as academic philosophers.

Figure 1 from the article.

As with all of my writing, a free preprint can be found on my CV at under “Publications“.

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3 thoughts on “Upon Reflection, Ep. 10: Great Minds Do Not Think Alike”

  1. I imagine you know what Kevin Currie-Knight has remarked about this. I noted, a number of years ago, that some philosophers were sufferers…which probably had an effect on their world view. I mentioned Nietzsche and Kierkegaard—there have been many others.

    1. I am not familiar with what Kevin Currie-Knight has said that is relevant here. Feel free to point us to it (as well as your remark that you referred to). A few searches on Google Scholar didn’t return any obvious candidates.

  2. He talked about temperament. The rest of my comment was about my own observations and conclusions. And no, you would not find that on Google,

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