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The Minds Online Conference Is Starting!

From September 5 to September 30, there is an exciting, free, online conference about the philosophy and science of mind: the (second annual) Minds Online conference! Loads of wonderful scholars are sharing and commenting on each other’s research — and you can access and participate in all of it!

Here are a few things to note for those who are new to online conferences.

  • Sessions: There are four sessions, each with a different topic and its own keynote.
  • Timeline: Each session lasts one week. (So the conference lasts four weeks).
  • Participating: You can read papers starting the weekend before their session. And you you can comment on papers on Monday through Friday of their session.

So head on over and enjoy the wonder that is conferencing from the comfort of your home, office, favorite coffee shop, etc.

Here’s the program: http://mindsonline.philosophyofbrains.com/minds-online-2016-program/

Thanks to my co-organizers, Cameron Buckner (University of Houston) and John Schwenkler (Florida State University), to the session chairs, Rachel Amoroso, Andrew Christman, Mirja Perez De Calleja, and Paul Rezkalla, and to all our anonymous reviewers. Thanks also to all the keynotes, presenters and invited commenters. And thanks to Ben Serber for some last minute help with the first session. Finally, thanks to all those who generously lended me power and wifi after hurricane Hermine. The conference would not have happened without all of these people!

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Nick Byrd

Nick is a cognitive scientist at Florida State University studying reasoning, wellbeing, and willpower. Check out his blog at byrdnick.com/blog